Heavy Duty Shoring Systems

The shoring system includes Heavy Duty Shore Frames, Adjustable Post Shores, Adjustable Horizontal Shores and Aluminum Beams. All this equipment is available in different sizes for virtually any deck forming. We offer Engrineering Layouts for our Heavy Duty Shoring System.

Our frames are constructed of welded, structrual steel tubing having a minimum yeild strength of 50,000 lbs/in and a tensile strength of 75,000 lbs./in. A typical load capacity is 12,000 lbs./leg (2.5 to 1 safety factor) up to thee tiers high. Note: Loading point, method of loading, and the capacity must conform to shoring drawings.

Shoring Specialist

Heavy Duty Post Shores

Available in three models providing adjustable shoring heights from 5'7" to 16'. The load ratings of these Post Shores is up to 10,000 lbs. (3 to 1 safety factor.)

Engineering and Shoring Layout

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