Best Miami Sidewalk Canopies

With Miami being a booming city, construction sites take on numerous locations. Many of these projects are located in busy areas where pedestrian foot traffic accumulates. Building these sidewalk canopies are important to safeguard pedestrians from falling debris. F&R Scaffolding can provide your company with a sidewalk canopy that exceeds the O.S.H.A requirements and building codes.

When Do You Need To Install a Sidewalk Canopy?

While construction is being performed, certain activities interfere with sidewalks that the general public uses. For example, tools and building materials can accidentally fall from elevated construction areas increasing the risk for people walking near the site. It is crucial to protect pedestrians from any of risks posed by construction sites. A sidewalk canopy may need to be installed:

  • Whenever materials are being hoisted over a sidewalk
  • Before beginning any inspections or renovations
  • Constructing a new project
  • Demolition of an existing structure

F&R Sidewalk Canopy Services

F&R Scaffolding is the leading source of scaffolding and shoring system rentals in Miami. We provides our clients with high quality scaffold materials to help overcome any challenges that come with any construction, renovation, or restoration project. With our strict compliance of the O.S.H.A regulations and local codes for pedestrian protection, F&R ensures to provide our clients with a sidewalk canopy that keeps the public safe around the jobsite.

No matter how small or large the job is, F&R can complete it through our expert engineering and quality products. We offer fast and efficient erection and dismantling services and if required, engineering drawings and calculations can be provided for permitting needs. For more information about our services and products, call us today at 305-548-5090!rkers and the public. If you are in need scaffolding services, call F&R today at 305-548-5090 for a free quote!

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