Best Miami Shoring Services

F & R Scaffolding Inc specializes in shoring services, which include heavy duty post shores that offer solutions for any size project. Providing the construction industry with the finest shoring equipment is just the bare minimum of what F & R can do. Find quality equipment and services from the best Miami scaffolding company.

The Shoring Specialist

F & R shoring system includes heavy duty shore frames, aluminum beams, and adjustable post and horizontal shores. All of our equipment is available in a variety of sizes to form any deck for any range of application. Our shore frames are built of welded, structural steel tubing with a minimum yield strength of 50,000 pounds per inch.

Benefits of F&R Shoring Services

Not only do we provide high quality shoring equipment, but our specialist will also provide your company with Engineering layouts for our heavy duty shoring system. Every layout drawings and calculations are signed and sealed by a licensed professional. We also provide job site inspections to guarantee the loading point, method of loading, and the capacity conforms to the shoring drawings.

Serious injury may result if you fail to use safe practices in the the erecting, dismantling or use of shoring equipment. That is why F & R also provides erecting and dismantling services as well to guarantee the safety and efficiency of your construction site. Call F & R today at 305-548-5090 to provide your company and your customers cost-saving solutions!

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