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Miami is constantly under construction and continues its ascension in remaining one of the most irresistible developments in this booming city. With continuous construction occurring in the city, scaffolding services are in high demand. The first thing to consider when planning your construction or renovation venture, is whether you have the right tools for your team to safely and efficiently complete their job.

F & R is the best in the scaffolding industry. Services include erection and dismantling, engineering plans, scaffolding rentals, shoring, and also temporary fencing services are provided. F & R Scaffolding strives to provide excellence and safety to their customers through quality products and services.

Scaffolding Safety

As we all know, the most imperative reason for scaffolding is to prevent accidents and injuries on any construction site, regardless of how small or large a project is. Construction sites usually entail working at high altitudes. This can be extremely dangerous and is actually a common cause of fatality and injury within the industry.

Protecting not only the construction workers, but the safety of the public traffic around or beneath the scaffold is extremely crucial. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that any project has a stable structure in place so that the job can be completed safely and effectively.

Why F & R Scaffolding For Your Company of Choice?

F & R Scaffolding provides professional and quality service, while providing their clients with an extensive inventory of supplies and equipment for rent or sale. This company is dedicated in providing scaffolding, shoring, and hoisting applications to top contracting organizations with superior access and shoring products whenever and wherever needed. F & R also provides other services.

At F & R, our clients are our priority. Our goal is to work together with each client carefully and thoroughly to provide excellence through quality products and services, while guaranteeing safety to construction workers and the public. If you are in need scaffolding services, call F & R today at 305-548-5090 for a free quote!

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