Best Miami Post Shores

F&R post shoring is easy to handle and easy to erect. Adjustments are made at standard working heights which removes the need for stooping or reaching. Available in a variety of sizes and allowable loads. Shoring length range from 5’1 feet to 10 feet.

The F&R post shores are engineered for strength, installation efficiency and long service life. This outstanding quality shoring products features high load capacities. Our Post Shores are available in four models providing adjustable shoring heights.

Simple, Efficient, Cost-Effective Post Shoring

F&R post shores are quickly and safely set in place. They have a unique locking pin for approximate height adjustment. This pin is inserted into one of the holes spaced at 4” intervals along the length of the post. We count with a vast inventory of scaffolds and shores that are for rental. Enjoy the professional and personal service of our jobsite layout and engineering plans. We have a complete line of regular and heavy duty scaffolds, post and heavy duty shoring ready to accommodate any need you may have.

We are proud of achieving large standard of safety with elaborate planning and design. The high load volume of struts greatly reduces the amount of shoring equipment needed, which also allows wide drive-through access openings.

Why F&R Post Shoring For Your Company of Choice?

F&R Scaffolding provides specialists and quality service, while providing their clients with an extensive inventory of supplies and equipment for rent or sale. Our company is dedicated in providing the best scaffolding, post shoring, and hoisting applications to top contracting organizations with superior admission and shoring products whenever and wherever needed.

At F&R, our clients are our main precedence. Our goal is to work together with each client carefully and thoroughly to provide excellence through quality products and services, while guaranteeing safety to construction workers and the public. If you are in need of post shores, call F&R today at 305-548-5090 for a free quote!

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