Best Miami Erection & Dismantling Services

Erecting and dismantling scaffolds is an extremely high-risk activity, not only for those carrying out the work but for the construction worker and the general public as well. It is important to hire a trustworthy company that has extensive experience in erection and dismantling (E&R) services. At F&R Scaffolds, our scaffolding erection specialist effectively install and dismantle projects with experience in a wide variety of work environments.

Why Erection & Dismantling Services?

The purpose of hiring experts for these services is to ensure that your scaffold is properly erected in order for workers to safely and efficiently perform their job functions. Following the proper procedures and safe work practices when erecting and dismantling scaffolds will have a direct effect on their safety.

It’s important to have experts supervise these services to guarantee the safety and efficiency of scaffolds, the workers, and the public. Hiring the wrong and inexperienced company can play a deadly toll to those in or around the construction site.

Why F&R for your E&R Services?

F&R have extensive experience in erecting and dismantling scaffolds in a wide variety of work environments. Our scaffolding erection specialists efficiently install and dismantle projects to the highest safety standards. All scaffolds erected by F&R exceed all O.S.H.A requirements.

Our team of professionals are experienced to build work platforms that are safe, secure, and productive to use. Reduce your setup or breakdown time to fit busy schedules. Let F&R reduce your liability with professionally erected and dismantling services for your scaffolds- Get in touch with us today at 305-548-5090!

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