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Aluminum Beam has excellent structural integrity which makes it a common building and construction material. They are often used for structural support in homes, bridges, structural foundations, train trestles, shipbuilding, or any other heavy industrial application where weight and other types of stress such as torsion and vibration are factors.

F&R offers aluminum beams and Joists in a wide range of lengths with different section heights. F&R Aluminum Beam is an extruded aluminum product with inside radius corners that is intended for all structural applications where greater strength is required. Standard Aluminum Beam is widely used for all types of fabrication projects where lightweight and corrosion resistance is a concern.

Advantages of Miami Aluminum Beams

Aluminum and aluminum alloys are lightweight compared to steel, brass, and copper, and have high strength-to-weight ratios. They offer good corrosion resistance and conductivity of heat and electricity, as well as moderate formability and machinability. Aluminum alloys include elements that modify the aluminum to achieve specific properties such as better weldability or greater strength. All series of aluminum alloys are nonmagnetic. Aluminum alloys have temper designations, indicating that the material has undergone a process to achieve certain properties of strength and hardness.

F&R are very easy to erect, strip and move. Their unique computer-optimized design makes these beams unusually strong for their weight. These are all the specific size combinations that we have available for this shape. Aluminum beam properties are also very versatile when architects use the right aluminum beam attachment clamps and lattices.

Why F&R Aluminum Beams For Your Company of Choice?

F&R Scaffolding provides specialists and quality service, while providing their clients with an extensive inventory of supplies and equipment for rent or sale. Our company is dedicated in providing the best aluminum beams to top contracting organizations with superior admission and shoring products whenever and wherever needed.

At F&R, our clients are our main superiority. Our goal is to work together with each client carefully and thoroughly to provide excellence through quality products and services, while guaranteeing safety to construction workers and the public. If you are in need of aluminum beams, call F&R today at 305-548-5090 for a free quote!

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