Aluminum Beams

Aluminum Stringer Capacity

 Span      Load**
 4'       2475
 5'       1585
 6'       1100
 7'       810
 8'       620
 9'       435
 10'       330
 11'       250
 12'       190

**Minimum Safety Factor is 2.5:1. Deflection is limited to span360.

Aluminum Beams and Joists are available in a wide range of lengths with section hieghts of 7 1/4" and 6 1/2".

Symons Aluminum Joists have a 6' 1/2" (165mm) section height and are very economial for applications involving higher slabs narrower bays.

They are available in lengths ranging from 5' (1.5m) to 21' (6.4m) in 2' (0.6m) increments. Odd lengths are the most popular sizes for handset shoring as well as narrow bay flying tables.

They weigh only 3.6 lbs./ft. (5.4 Kg/m) including the 2" X 2" (51mm X 51mm) nailing strip. As a result, they are very easy to erect, strip and move. Their unique computer-optimized design makes these beams unusually strong for thier weight. In fact, they can support 233lbs. per linear ft. (347 Kg/m) on a 10' (3m) span al U360.

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